Monday, February 4, 2013

Be Awesome & Congrats to the Ravens

A great friend of mine, July, always says she reminds herself daily to be Awesome, from her I am inspired to remind myself how awesome I am. When I ran across this picture I thought it was perfect for today. I definitely needed the reminder and motivation. I'll be AWESOME today when I get home and go for a run. This morning I was not able to get up for my morning workout :(. I was way too tired from my Superbowl cheering and screaming last night!

Speaking of the Superbowl....

Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens! They are definitely AWESOME! They are Superbowl XLVII Champions!! I knew they would do it! :D I wish I could make it to the parade that is going to be given in their honor tomorrow, but unfortunately I have to work. Boo!
So, did you watch the Superbowl? What was your favorite commercial? How are you going to be AWESOME today?


  1. I rooted for the Ravens since they use our wedding colors ;)

    1. Thanks for the support! We needed it! :) Your wedding was gorgeous, by the way.. you picked AWESOME colors!! ;P