Monday, January 21, 2013

Loving my morning workouts!

I've been so motivated this month to get up every morning, at 5:15am, to get in an elliptical workout. I'm also able to catch up on my Facebook, Instagram and Tweets while I rock out to music and get in "extra" steps on my fitbit one.

My morning workouts are what I have challenged myself at least all throughout January (I don't do resolutions) and I'm doing it with the wonderful blog ladies who set up goalgetter2013. Last week I posted a few pictures of my morning workouts on Instagram. Here is one of my pictures, make sure to check me out @livecraftsweat for my other pictures and to see how I do for the rest of January! Pretty snazzy for around 5:30am don't you think? ;P

So, here is today's Monday Motivation -

What do you think about working out in the morning? Do you get in a better workout in the morning, lunchtime or evening?

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