Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dead Lift Day!!

Today was heavy dead lift day with my hubby! Surprisingly it's one of my favorite exercises, probably because it's one of my best. :) Today's main lift weights were:

135 1x2
145 2x2
170 12x1

Here are some pictures from our lifting today (sorry they are a little blurry took them with my iPad)

My husband lifts a lot more than me at 360 pounds, 190 pounds more to be exact...

Also, don't forget to check me out on Instagram. I've posted my picture for today's Holidayaday challenge (@livecraftsweat)!  


  1. Great workout, it is even more impressive since we got a late start. Linda is not a night person so to start close to 8pm shows her dedication. Keep up the good work!